Post Schedule (20/05/15)

So basically, here’s how this whole setup will work:

On Sundays, you’ll see a review from me. It could be a Game, it could be a TV Show, it could be an Album. Basically anything i’ve taken in in the last week will be fair game for review. Doesn’t matter how old it is, or how obsucre. It’s up for review if i’ve ingested it in the last seven days like some sort of Media Galactus.

On Wednesdays, you’ll be getting a weekly dose of “Third Person Perspective” which is my character analysis thing what I do. These don’t really have a set length (Some will probably end up way longer than others) but yeah, they’re a thing that exists. If you have a suggestion for a character, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. (Contact me through Comments or the Facebook or something).

Interspersed through those two things are little, more random things. Stuff like the Opinion Pieces or stuff about Game Design. Basically, if I get inspired, expect a thing. If something conraversial happens in Games Media, expect a thing and if Johnathan Holmes posts any pictures of him doing something even slightly sexual, expect a thing.

That’s it really. I’ll be updating this as I think of more ideas that I could feasibly add to the Schedule so, y’know. Watch this space and all that stuff.


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